Birke (Birch) - symbol of happiness

It is considered the tree of life, of love, of feminine beauty and of happiness: the birch. With its breathtaking stamina, resistence to cold and reproductive excellence, it is the outstanding symbol of new beginnings, of springtime and, most of all, of light.

On 2 February, on the church holiday known locally as "Lichtmesse", the launching of the farmers' working year and the "reawakening of the light" are celebrated with birch branches. For Tyrol's Corpus Christi procession, the village streets are lined with young birch shoots. Even in Great Britain, where the fiscal year begins on 1st April, the day is celebrated when birch trees traditionally bud.

The pale green leaves of springtime, when prepared as a tea, regulate the body's hydrological system. Their diuretic effect, their infection-inhibiting, blood-purifying, even slightly anti-depressive influences illustrate the rejuvenating and consoling vital energy which are the age-old hallmarks of the tree with its glimmering bark and gently fluttering branches in the breeze.