The old Walde soap factory in the Innstrasse, across from Innsbruck's old town


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December 2010, presse Schaufenster
"HEIMAT Herzblut"
This woman moves things. Whether alpine flowers and iPhone or Tyrolean Grey cattle with chocolate, Therese Fiegl brings things together like no one else. And of course, with her indispensable focus on Tyrol! To article ...


September 2010, econova Special
"Der Duft der kleinen bergigen Welt" (The Scent of a Little Mountain World)
The bubbling fountain of ideas named Therese Fiegl and the soap manufacturer Peter Walde brought Tiroler Reine soaps into the marketplace this spring, thereby rescuing the long lost ritual of washing by hand... To article ...


"Seifen zum Anbeißen!" (Soap good enough to taste)
Careful craftsmanship and lots of experience go into every bar of soap at the traditional Tyrolean company Walde. Why manufacturing soap is such a delicate process and why liquid soap can't even coax a tired smile from experts, the soapmaker of the day can tell you. To article ...


4.04.2010, Tiroler Tageszeitung
"Die Seife auf den Punkt gebracht"
Fingerspitzengefühl und viel Erfahrung stecken in jedem Seifenstück der Tiroler Traditionsfirma Walde. Warum die Produktion einer Seife ein heikles Unternehmen ist und warum Flüssigseife bei Experten nicht einmal für ein müdes Lächeln sorgt, weiß nun die „Seifensiederin für einen Tag". To article ...


21.03.2010, Tiroler Tageszeitung
"So duftet Heimisches: neue Tiroler Seifenlinie vorgestellt" (The scent of homeland: new line of Tyrolean soaps introduced)
Both feet on the ground, noble, pure: following the "Farmer's Basket" and refined chocolates, yet another regional offensive has been launched.. To article ...